Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Artworks by Bryan Lie


Race: Ruler
Region: Hellenic Republic

Acropolis, Inc, the first corporation to distribute energy to the people of Hellenic Republic, was founded by  a primary Ruler, Zeus. Zeus has many sons and among them is Hermes. Although he is chosen to be among the big twelve in the company, he has never been Zeus' favorite. He is always the one doing most of the work even if the glory always falls on his brothers. Apollo being the great one or Ares as the brave one. While he never seemed to have much ambition, nevertheless cunning is Hermes' greatest strength. He needs neither physical prowess nor great charisma to get his way. Instead, he can manipulate Acropolis' dying capital utilizing only his quick wit, and although he never really cares about Acropolis' fate, he saved it times and again using his relationship with Hades. Despite being born a Ruler, Hermes is a human sympathizer and he will be a central character in aiding the humans to rise against the Rulers.