Friday, March 11, 2011


Artworks by Bryan Lie


Race: Ruler
Region: Hellenic Republic

Hellenic region is separated into three power groups and they are led by the three sibling Rulers. Zeus leads the energy company, Acropolis, Inc, Poseidon runs the maritime corporation, Aegae, and Hades  is the figurehead of the largest criminal organization in Hellenic Republic, Tartarus. While he is not exactly malevolent, Hades along with trusted gun, Cerberus II, strike mortal fear into people's hearts because Hades is not bound by any laws. Neither the Rulers' nor humans' rules meant anything to him. He judges based on his own creed and justice.

Hades is not officially a member of Acropolis, Inc, yet he plays a big part during the company's golden age. However, entering the iron age, Hades is seen to be moving further away from his brothers. His motivation is shrouded in mistery. Nobody really knows what his plans with the humans are or which side he is on. Albeit his complex relationship with the big twelve of Acropolis, he has a relatively close affiliation with Hermes.