Thursday, May 31, 2012


Artworks by CO!


 Race: Ruler
Region: Hellenic Republic

Zeus is the father of the powerful Ares, virtuous Apollo, wise Athena, and many other powerful Rulers. He is the CEO of Acropolis Inc and the principal Ruler to sit on the Olympus Chamber, the highest office in all of Hellenic Republic. He reigns over the Hellenic sky, a realm the humans have been dreaming to reach for the longest time.

Inheriting his father’s traits, Zeus is ruthless. He would kill his own father if it means having more power, which in a way he did. He is also shrewd, cunning, and highly intelligent. These characteristics of him brought him great fortune in his early days of becoming a Ruler. Together with his brothers and Hephaestus' technology, Zeus built the first and largest energy manufacturing giant humans had ever seen.

Later in his years, Zeus, like many other rulers, was enamored by the humans. Enchanted with their flaws, Zeus is turning into one. His honor replaced by his pride and his wisdom replaced by his lust. Zeus produced many bastards, both humans and divines.